Hello my name is Matt J Atkinson

My ketchup crusade first began in December of 2008, I was visiting some friends in Crosthwaite on a winters day.

We were happily chatting away and enjoying a single malt in front of a roaring fire, when Peter Cartmell (founder of the Westmorland damson Association) asked his son John to “pass him that book”.  Looking through it I came across a recipe which struck me Wow! whats that like ?  Curiosity tickled, I made a small batch at home.  When I offered it to friends who all said they liked it and thought I should make more.  Helped by good friends and family I made my first commercial batch in 2011 in a kitchen rented from CREA, we produced just over 800 bottles.

Having successfully sold all of them, I tried to rent the same kitchen again but unfortunately it had been closed down due to lack of enough interest in the facility offered.  At this point, I felt I was up the creek without a paddle!  Thanks to my father, Derek, to whom I’m tremendously grateful for, stepped in to save the day.  With the help of a small team of builders we built a small production kitchen on a bit of land he had.  So, in December 2015 we were able to re-launch our flagship product, just in time for Christmas, and sold out again straight away.  At last we had set sail again and are still sailing now – so all that there is left to say is “KEEP CALM AND KETCHUP”.